FCH Carved Double Door Toilet Cabinet 39261531

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1. Material: MDF
2. Color: White
3. Dimensions: (23.63 x 7.88 x 68.11)" / (60.02 x 20.02 x 173)cm(L x W x H)
4. Door Size: (10.63 x 20.59)" / (27 x 52.3)cm(L x H)
5. Middle Storage Height: 7.29"
6. Leg Height: 33.86"
7. Net Weight: 30.34lbs / 13.76kg

Package Includes:
1 x Bathroom Toilet Cabinet
1 x Accessories Package
1 x The Instructions

This is a simple, modern two-door toilet cabinet with carved craftsmanship. This cabinet is made of high-quality, hard MDF board, and it has the characteristics of waterproof and moisture resistance; it is designed with a double-door pull slot style, with a layer in the middle, this layer is an active layer, and can be moved up and down according to its own needs Adjust; the storage space inside can put all kinds of toiletries, all kinds of debris, etc . This cabinet is placed in your bathroom, you can free up your bathroom location, save your space, and can also accommodate your various bathrooms Supplies and all kinds of sundries, etc. If you want a practical toilet cabinet, this will be your best choice.

1. Carved design style
2. High quality, hard MDF plate
3. Wooden handle
4. Double door groove design laminate can be adjusted up and down
5. Waterproof and moisture-proof
6. High quality, high quality
7. Anti-dumping device
8. Convenient installation

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FCH Carved Double Door Toilet Cabinet 39261531
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