Adjustable Self-heating Back Waist Support Lumbar Brace Belt Strap Relief Pain & Stress (M) 63378821

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Our waist support is comfortable, warm and breathable. High elastic belt and you can adjust it to fit you well. Adjustable design with two reinforcing band so you can adjust it until you feel comfortable and tight. Provide adjustable compression and support around the lower back area. What are you waiting for?

1. Activation of the biological macromolecules of activity, so as to play the biological macromolecules to regulate the body's immune function and other activities, is conducive to the recovery of the body function and balance, to prevent disease and treatment.
2. Promote and improve local and systemic blood circulation.
3. Enhance metabolism and strengthen immunity.
4. Has an anti-inflammatory and repercussive function, useful in easing pain.
5. Increased sweating, reduce fatigue.
6. Health magnets, improve microcirculation, analgesic, swelling, and promote the role of blood and lymph circulation.

Material: Spontaneous Heat Cloth, Magnet, Elastic Strap
Color: Black
Package Weight: approx. 105-115g
Quantity: 1pc
Fit People: Lumbar spondylosis, stomach trouble, reduce lumbar proud flesh, mental

and manual workers who long standing or sitting, dysmenorrhea, limbs cold, stomach cold

Size Options Apply to Wasit
M 77-86cm / 30.31"-33.85"

Package list:
1 * Back Waist Support

1. First, use a clean wet towel to wipe the middle heating section of the waist support, and then fixed the waist support on the skin surface. In order to ensure personal
safety, so the heat is relatively slow, generally about 40 minutes to feel the obvious
heat, according to each person's physical condition, decided to wear the length of
time. If after use, the skin has a hot feeling, is normal, please take off temporarily. Never damage the skin. Do not wet the waist support can also be used, but the preheating time is longer.

2. High fever, bleeding tendency, temperature sensory disturbances and damage skin are disabled. Acute soft tissue injury, please use after 24 hours. Patients with cardiac pacemakers are disabled. Individual allergies, please use under the guidance of a doctor. Such as local redness, scorching hot is a normal phenomenon. After the product is removed, the phenomenon disappears naturally. Do not immerse in water bubble wash, gently wipe with water do not use detergent, bleach washing. Pregnant women and children are forbidden to use. If you are unwell in the use, please stop using or under the guidance of use.

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Adjustable Self-heating Back Waist Support Lumbar Brace Belt Strap Relief Pain & Stress (M) 63378821
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