9pcs Blind Hole Bearing Gear Bushing Puller Remover Tool Set 36092549

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1. Ideal for both professional and DIY use
2. Durable construction
3. Delivered in a blow-molded case for easy transport and storage
4. Suitable for extracting bearings from blind housings
5. Open clamps by turning handle clockwise to snug against the bearing for pulling out evenly without damage the parts

1. Kit Dimensions: (18.5 x 8.5 x 2.8)" / (47 x 21.6 x 7.1)cm (L x W x H)
2. Slide Hammer Shaft Size: 15"
3. Hammer Weight: 33oz / 935.5g
4. Hammer Size: 3.9" / 9.9cm
5. Ideal for: Both Professional and DIY Use
6. Function: Durable Construction
7. Carry Case: Delivered in a Blow-molded Case for Easy Transport and Storage
8. Whole Weight: 123.46oz / 3500g
9. 8 Collets Diameter:
8-10 mm (5/16"-13/32")
10-12 mm (13/32"-15/32")
12-14 mm (15/32"-9/19")
15-17 mm (9/32"-11/16")
17-20 mm (11/16"-25/32")
20-24 mm (25/32"-15/16")
25-29 mm (1"-9/8")
30-32 mm (19/16"-5/4")

Package Includes:
1 x Bearing Puller Tool Set

This blind hole bearing puller tool set will be ideal for car maintenance tasks requiring an internal puller, such as the removal of pilot bearings. It is an indispensable workshop tool for professionals and DIY mechanics alike. This set is suitable for a wide range of vehicles and applications. You can select the appropriately sized collet by comparing it to the part you want to use it on. The tools are highly durable as they have been constructed from high-quality materials. The set is delivered in a blow-molded case for easy storage and transport.

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9pcs Blind Hole Bearing Gear Bushing Puller Remover Tool Set 36092549
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