We are a completely independent, grassroots, crowdfunded group of individuals who have come together to fight for what was promised to us as Hongkongers. We come from all walks of life and range widely in age and profession, united in our love for our home.

In the last 22 years, we have witnessed China's erosion of our fundamental freedoms, human rights and rule of law. China's conduct has been in breach of the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration — a legally binding treaty — which also forms the basis of the 1992 US Hong Kong Policy Act. Shocked and heartbroken at the recent events in Hong Kong and the local government’s intransigence, we organised public fundraisers to call on the international community to stand with Hongkongers in our fight for freedom.

Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong KOng

About Our Logo

The logo consists of the Chinese character for “person/people (人)”, repeated five times and converging from around the globe on one place — Hong Kong.

The number five represents the five key demands made by protesters in June 2019. The form resembles the shape of an opened umbrella, a well-known symbol of the democracy movement. The logo also brings to mind the bauhinia, a flower native to Hong Kong and its official symbol.

We want to thank the Chinese propaganda machine and netizens for bringing our logo to sport venues and news outlets across the world.


Our Campaigns

  • Submission of the request to revoke the right of abode of Hong Kong Government officials in the UK, US and Australia
  • Submission of the excessive use of force by the police to the High Commissioner of the United Nations Human Rights Office
  • Submission of the request to revoke the Chief Executive’s Legion of Honour Distinction to the French Government
  • Submission of the request to revoke the right of abode of Hong Kong Secretary of Justice’s husband in Canada
  • Submission of the request to urge the European Union to impose an arms embargo against the Hong Kong Police
  • Submission of the report of potential tax evasion by the Secretary of Justice’s husband in Canada
  • An op-ed in the Financial Times, “Technology aids unity of Hong Kong movement”
  • Submission of a complaint of Junius Kwan-yiu Ho to the Solicitors Regulation Authority in England
  • Submission of the request to revoke the citizenship of British expats who were involved in the police crackdown on 12 June to the UK Home Office
  • Commencement of the crowdfunding campaign, which formally initiated the “Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.” organisation

Since July

  • Ad campaign in 7 media outlets
  • Ad campaign on social media
  • Billboard campaign
    • Launch of social media channels
    • Petition, with over 20,000 emails sent to UK MPs
    • Organised 23 events globally (as of Oct 29)
    • YouTube explainer video
    • The Hong Kong Way video which recorded the unprecedented human chain event on 24 Aug
    • “Fight Against Tyranny, Stand With Hong Kong” video
    • A number of op-eds and news coverage - will add links when the draft is ready
    • Two speeches from Tom Watson MP and Heidi Allen MP for 16th August Power to the People Rally
    • Power to the People Rally in Hong Kong on 16 Aug, with 60,000 turn-out
    • Arranged Bob Seely MP to visit Hong Kong on 31 August
    • Articles, signed off by MPs, have been published in national and international media
    • 60 parliamentarians have officially stated China has breached the Joint
  • Declaration
    • Prepared a briefing note on Hong Kong and shared with all members of both House of Parliament
    • A submission to the International Trade Select Committee
    • Tabled parliamentary questions to the Foreign Secretary
    • Hong Kong was raised in the Queens’ Speech
    • A debate in the House of Lords, led by Lord Alton has been arranged
    • Published a research report on San Uk Ling detention centre
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